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Hindi is the National language of India. It is the most spoken language in the country. There are over 54 languages and 112 dialects that keep changing from place to place. This makes uniform communication seem very difficult for a person willing to communicate well throughout the country. But, thanks to Hindi, communicating uniformly throughout India is no task at all.

Hindi is used everywhere as a common mode of conversing. People use their mother tongue usually to communicate but, they speak Hindi as well to converse with people who don’t know a specific regional language. 260 million people in the world use Hindi as their prime language. There are further millions across the world who partially know this language and use it effectively for communicating. Hindi, being similar to Urdu, enables a person to partially communicate with people knowing Urdu- widening your ability to talk to different people.

Advantages of Hindi

  • Hindi has a lot of commonality with Indian regional languages. An individual who knows Hindi can pick up other languages at a better pace. Urdu being a major influence on Hindi facilitates good understanding of Urdu for a person knowing Hindi.
  • The whole of North India is dominantly Hindi speaking population. So if you are at any part of North India, communicating well with the people will be no big task. In fact, knowing Hindi will help you in establishing yourself socially.
  • With so many industries flourishing in India, the country has become a financial hub of Asia and the world. More and more people investing here means that there is a lot of scope for any individual to grow in the business sector. For efficient business growth communication is necessary. By learning Hindi one can have good contacts and relations in the business circuit which is very important while doing business.

What can you benefit from Hindi?

You can have the ability to speak freely and communicate effectively with people belonging to the second most populous country in the world! Hindi is a language that is well used across the sub-continent as well. So your knowledge of Hindi doesn’t limit your communication in India alone. You can express and communicate yourself in countries surrounding India as well!

Spoken Hindi

It is the national language of India, spoken by more than a billion people across India. It is also the fourth most spoken language in the world. Hindi is also the official language of Fiji and is also recognized as the regional language of several Pacific Island.

Located in Mumbai Cambridge Institute teaches foreigners how to speak Hindi. With so many companies and industries flourishing in the city and across India, wehave basically become a financial hub for Asia as well as the world. There is a lot of investment that are happening which means there is a lot of scope for any individual to grow in the business sector but to grow in the business sectors one needs to have good communication skills. So to ensure that you are able to communicate well, we at Cambridge Institute ensure that you are fluent in speaking Hindi.

People who have come from a foreign nation to India might have a difficulty in communicating with people who they meet on a day to day basis. We at Cambridge cover the communication gap by teaching you to understand and speak Hindi. At the Institute we use various techniques like showing you a Hindi movie, communicating with you in Hindi. We provide you with basic amenities like free Wi-fi, Air Conditioning, Tea & Coffee etc. We have 7 classrooms where we teach all our candidates Hindi.So no matter where you are within the city or anywhere in the nation you are able to communicate with people very well. You can be from any nation we ensure that when you end the course you end understanding and speaking fluent Hindi, for that we have divided the course in two levels:

1. Level 1 : In level 1 we teach you basic Hindi. In this level you learn to converse with people on a regular basis. We teach you the basic dialogues like ‘What is your name?’ ‘How are you? Etc.

2. Level 2 : In level 2 we teach you how to converse with people on a daily basis, so that you do not face any problem anywhere whether it be in your work place or out in the streets while directly interacting with people.


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Cambridge Institute helps familiarize students with the different aspects of the Hindi language. We have specifically designed our course to prepare you or the DELF exams.


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