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Arabic Alphabet Chart [29]

pronunciation Transliterated Isolated Isolated pronunciation Initial Medial Final Transcription
أَلِف ̛ālif ا أ Like A in Apple ا ـا ـا ā
بَاء bā̛ ب ب Like B in Baby بـ ـبـ ـب b
تَاء tā̛ ت ت Like T in Tree تـ ـتـ ـت ـة t
ثَاء thā̛ ث ث Like the Th in Theory ثـ ـثـ ـث th
جِيم jim ج ج Sometimes like the G in Girl or like the J in Jar جـ ـجـ ـج j
حَاء hā̛ ح ح Like the h in he yet light in pronunciation حـ ـحـ ـح h
خَاء khā̛ خ خ Like the Ch in the name Bach خـ ـخـ ـخ kh
دَال dāl د د Like the D in Dad د ـد ـد d
ذَال zāl ذ ذ Like the Th in The ذ ـذ ـذ z
رَاء rā̛ ر ر Like the R in Ram ر ـر ـر r
زَاي zāy ز ز Like the Z in zoo ز ـز ـز z
سِين sin س س Like the S in See سـ ـسـ ـس s
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