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Necessary documents for the registration in any of the three Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language:

  • Registration form
    This can be obtained in the registering centres and must be correctly completed. On the diploma certificate finally obtained by the candidate, the name and surname(s), will appear just as they appear on the registration form.
  • Original and photocopy of an identity card
    On which must appear, as a mininum, these details: name and surname(s), nationality, date and place of birth.

    Personal details appearing on the registration form must correspond exactly to the ones on the identity card.

Once registered, each candidate will receive a sealed copy of the registration form on which will appear the assigned code. The candidate will receive by mail the document with the place, date and time of the exam.

** Neccessary documents for the exam

Candidates must take to the exam the following documents:

  • Sealed copy of the registration form
  • Identity card (the same shown when registered)
  • The letter sent by the registering centre with the day, time and place of the exam
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