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How long does it take to clear TEF or TCF?


People mostly study French because of gaining employment. Through the TEF or TCF French exam, you will be able to use your French skills in different careers. Moreover, you will also get a certification that will help you in your future. How long does it take to clear the TEF or TCF French exam? You normally need six hundred to eight hundred hours of preparation to clear TEF or TCF exam. Altogether, it is better to take a preparation of two years. The TEF structure consists of- Listening to comprehension- Sixty questions for getting three hundred sixty points. Reading the comprehension- [...]

How long does it take to clear TEF or TCF?2021-12-23T19:25:33+05:30

French- How long it takes to get a CLB 5 score in TEF or TCF Canada?


CLB 5 score helps people who are sitting for TEF or TCF Canada to qualify on the basis of their knowing the French language. It requires 6 to 8 months of time for preparation.  Moreover, you need to study French for 2 to 3 hours each day. To know more about how you need to prepare for the exam, have a look below. Preparation of TEF and TCF Canada French exam: For preparing for the TEF and TCF Canada French exam, you need to learn the following in the French language for 6 to 8 months. Present tense Past tense Future [...]

French- How long it takes to get a CLB 5 score in TEF or TCF Canada?2021-12-23T19:28:50+05:30

The TEF Exam: French Proficiency and Express Entry


TEF test is an internationally acclaimed examination to judge the level of proficiency in French. One needs to have professional knowledge in French to study in France. Why opting for TEF: Individuals who want to complete higher studies or want to get hired in Canada need to qualify for the English exam for a Canada visa. But besides English, students also need to qualify for TEF. This test is necessary because It helps to get easy admission to colleges in France. This test makes it easy to obtain French nationality. You can obtain a French resident card after qualifying for French Language Exams [...]

The TEF Exam: French Proficiency and Express Entry2021-01-28T13:52:52+05:30

Language Equivalency Charts – Immigration to Canada


Most of the people these days are willing to go to Canada. It is very important to know the basic French language to get a visa to Canada and sustain in Canada. No need to worry about the Canada visa as the Cambridge institute in Mumbai provides the courses for a language test for a Canada visa.  There are many tests you need to prepare, like TEF, TCF, CELPIP, DELF, and IELTS for Canadian immigration. Many of the people aspiring to go to Canada for the purpose of studies or jobs fail to get a Canadian visa due to less knowledge of the Canadian [...]

Language Equivalency Charts – Immigration to Canada2021-01-12T09:22:47+05:30

TEF Canada Exam Structure and Fees in Mumbai


Language makes human communication a piece of cake. So far, there are more than 7000 languages spoken in the world. The knowledge of foreign languages helps people in career growth, connecting with other people, etc. It also broadens your view about a particular community and its culture. Because of all these reasons, both young and adults are encouraged to learn new languages.   Some of the world's most spoken languages are Chinese, Spanish, English, French, and many others. Around 275 million people of the world speak French, and to get citizenship in some countries, you need to have a good command [...]

TEF Canada Exam Structure and Fees in Mumbai2021-01-08T12:30:54+05:30

How to prepare for TEF/TCF Canada – From Beginner to B2


French TEF/TCF Canada exam is the most suitable exam to get approved for the understanding of the French language. However, this exam is very important to the language test for a Canada visa. There are some important points required for Canada pr that help you to qualify for the exam.   There is no shortcut to passing the exam unless you do hard work. So make a strategy on how to achieve the syllabus from scratch.   Never get attached to lots of books. Buy only the needed amount of books and ebooks on the internet and learn thoroughly. Always take help from the tef [...]

How to prepare for TEF/TCF Canada – From Beginner to B22021-01-04T10:50:54+05:30
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