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The complete guide to learning German easy and fast.


  The German language is a very popular choice when it comes to learning a foreign language. Germany is currently one of the leading countries in terms of economy and trade, and hence knowing this language can be beneficial in the job market. The best place to learn German has to be the Cambridge Institute in Mumbai that provides every student with a plethora of opportunities. Is it a difficult language to learn? Learning any language can be challenging initially, but it will become easier to grasp with a little time and effort. The German language is not that difficult to [...]

The complete guide to learning German easy and fast.2021-09-14T15:19:01+05:30

Spanish Proficiency Test in India – DELE Exam


The third most spoken language in the world, Spanish, is spoken by more than 500 people across the world. Learning Spanish will provide you with vast opportunities for your future career. What is DELE? DELE is an abbreviated form of Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera, which means Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language. This examination checks your efficiency in the Spanish language. The test is divided into four parts, namely listening, writing, reading, and speaking. Levels of DELE examination A1 This is for starters or beginners. Students need to know the basic expressions, vocabularies, etc., that are needed in [...]

Spanish Proficiency Test in India – DELE Exam2021-09-22T15:49:24+05:30

How to prepare for DELF B2 Efficiently?


It is indeed very difficult to pass certain examinations with a good score in an extremely competitive world. Hence, it is important to prepare efficiently from beforehand in order to score well and ace the exam. Nowadays, numerous candidates are applying for studying abroad and preparing for the requirements thoroughly. If you are interested in studying in France, then getting the B2 level in French is necessary. Hence, it is extremely important to prepare for the DELF B3 exam efficiently. This is how you can do so: Plan and implement in advance : Planning is an essential task, which also requires [...]

How to prepare for DELF B2 Efficiently?2021-09-14T15:21:41+05:30

How Foreign Language can Boost Your Brain


To know a few languages beyond one’s own Mother Tongue can always be a useful asset because it will help you have stronger communication. In addition, learning foreign languages can boost the cognitive function of the brain and increase concentration. If nothing at all, learning a foreign language can be a fun and enriching experience for any individual. If you are looking for a good place to learn a foreign language, you can enroll yourself at the Cambridge Institute in Mumbai. They have remarkable facilities and a highly competent faculty who will guide you effortlessly through the course. Does learning a [...]

How Foreign Language can Boost Your Brain2021-09-14T15:18:47+05:30

Top 10 Reasons to avail Study Abroad Consultation from Cambridge Institute, Mumbai


  Cambridge Institute offers up to 9 different language courses. It is one of the leading institutes which have slowly made its way to prominence in the last 13 years. It also provides abroad education consultancy for aspiring students at a reasonable cost along with foreign language training. There is no place better than the Cambridge Institute in Mumbai to avail these facilities for the reasons mentioned below. 10 Reasons to join Cambridge Institute The most important reason is that this Institute takes utmost care while selecting its faculty, which is why they have an amazingly talented team. Not only are [...]

Top 10 Reasons to avail Study Abroad Consultation from Cambridge Institute, Mumbai2021-08-04T10:35:28+05:30

Official French Proficiency Test ǀ DELF, TCF


French is known to have originated from the ancient language Latin. Apart from being the official language of France, French is one of the most widely spoken languages. It happens to be a very easy language to pick up, but the easiest things might turn out pretty challenging without proper guidance. The Cambridge Institute in Mumbai offers French Language classes at a reasonable amount to help you understand the language more fluently. The levels There are three primary levels that every person needs to pass to clear the French Proficiency Test. These levels are A, B, and C. Each of these levels has [...]

Official French Proficiency Test ǀ DELF, TCF2021-08-04T10:12:50+05:30

Korean Language Classes Online in Mumbai


    The Korean Language has ancient Chinese roots that date back to near 1000 years. In recent times, the popularity of Korean music, the urge to learn this language has also increased. This language is said to be one of the toughest languages to pick up. But if you enroll yourself for the Korean Language classes at Cambridge Institute, Mumbai. Learning can be not only quick and efficient, but also fun and pocket-friendly. Travelling can be a real burden during this pandemic, but availing of classes at Cambridge can relieve you of this stress. They are offering online lessons to help the [...]

Korean Language Classes Online in Mumbai2021-08-04T10:38:50+05:30

German Language Classes Fees in Mumbai


German, in current times, is the third most spoken language in the world. Its roots trace back to the ancient Latin Language. About 100 million people globally have German as their native language. Learning this language will be highly beneficial to acquire good jobs and traveling internationally. To learn this language at a reasonable cost, you should apply to The Cambridge Institute, Mumbai. They not only have efficient faculty, but are also highly knowledgeable.  Why is it beneficial to learn German?  German is a widely spoken language, and knowing it can help you in several ways. Many German companies are looking [...]

German Language Classes Fees in Mumbai2021-08-04T09:57:58+05:30

TEF Canada Exam Free Preparation Resource and tips


Today, French is among the top 10 languages spoken globally, and many opt to learn French to set up a promising career. Again, many bright aspirants want to settle in Canada and opt for Canadian Citizenship. Besides English, French is also another official language in Canada. Well, for them, it is necessary to pass TEF Canada Exam. This test is beneficial to evaluate your level of proficiency in French. Here TEF Canada denotes Test d’Évaluation de Français. After clearing this test, students from other countries can enter the Canadian Institute to complete their higher studies. So, if you aim to [...]

TEF Canada Exam Free Preparation Resource and tips2021-07-15T14:03:56+05:30

10 reasons why you should learn to speak in Japanese Language


Japanese language classes Mumbai is top of the line in India. It very well may be probably an absolute choice for language students. Here are 10 reasons why you ought to become familiar with the Japanese Language: 1. It brings you closer to another culture: Japan is one of the antiquated societies on the planet. Learning Japanese will likewise show you the prosperous chronicle and traditions of Japan. You will gain proficiency with a wide range of things about Japan.  2. An easy Language to learn: Many will have a hard time believing me from the start to be valid; Japanese [...]

10 reasons why you should learn to speak in Japanese Language2021-06-24T12:16:15+05:30