Cancellation of admission will be considered only if the request is made within 24 hours. 18% registration fees will be deducted. If paid by card / cheque / NEFT.

Payment of fees:-
If the student pays the fees by cheque / credit card/ debit card / NEFT, 18% GST on the said amount is applicable. If at any point of time, the Govt. further increases GST, the extra amount of GST will be borne by the students from the date of enforcement of the act by the Govt. If the cheque is bounced for any reason whatsoever, student has to pay 500/- extra for the same. Cambridge Institute will not be liable for any credit card fraud

Once the batch starts NO REFUND will be entertained in any circumstances. The admission will be valid for next 90 days. In case, the course does not start due to lack of students (atleast 6 students required in a batch) or due to unexpected reasons, you will get the full amount. Once the books are Issued Book fees will not be refunded. Refunds will be processed within 21 days period.

Study Material:-
Study Material will be issued once full payment of the course fees is paid.

The students do not have rights to change the batch once the registration is done. A transfer can be granted only in exceptional cases.Transfer fees of Rs 2500/- will be charged if less than 8 hours class is done. Otherwise 50% will be charged. The request for transfer has to be given in writing to the office.

ID Card:-
ID cards are issued to the students at the start of the course. The student is expected to carry it all the time and produce it on demand. It is mandatory to hand over the ID card at the time of collecting your certificate. Loss of ID card should be immediately reported to the office in writing. Duplicate ID card will be issued after paying Rs 100/- in the office.

Correction of Certificate:-
Information on the certificate will appear as written on the examination form. Any correction on the certificate should be done within 15 days of issue of the certificate and would attract a penalty of Rs 1500/-

If a student wants to take a book from the library and fails to return the book in a week then the student is penalized Rs 50/- per day

Damage Done:-
If the student causes any damage to the Institute’s property then the student have to bear the cost for the damage done.

The student is expected to be punctual and regular in attending the class. If the student is absent for a single class then the student has to pay Rs 750/- extra per hour for make over class.

Examination Information:-
Exams will be conducted only at Andheri branch on the decided dates. Date once finalized would not be changed under any circumstances. If the student fails to attend the exam or does not clear the exam then the Re-examination fees of Rs 1050/- is applicable

No Certificate:-
If the student does not attend the exam, no certificate will be issued to the student nor will any attendance cerificate will be issued

Bonafide Certificate:-
In order to issue a Bonafide Certificate, you are required to have 75% attendance.

Any sort of communication between the students and Institute is done by the Institute’s concerned authority over a call or on Whatsapp group. The institute will not be responsible for any loss of the students due to negligence. For any queries in terms of the lectures or faculties please connect on or call on 022 6127 3100 / 6671 2141 / 6671 2142

Issue of Certificate:-
The students can collect their certificate against the ID card in person. All certificates are to be collected within TWO months of appearing for the exam. Cambridge Institute will not be responsible for the certificate thereafter.

Duplicate Certificate:-
In case a certificate is lost/ misplaced, a duplicate certificate will be issued against payment of Rs 1500/-

Mobile Usage:-
During the class students are not allowed to use their cell phones at all. Mobile phones should be switched off during class, and on ‘Silent Mode’ in the institute premises. The Institute is not responsible for any loss/theft of mobile phone in the institute.