We think that language should not be a barrier to growth and globalization at CAMBRIDGE INSTITUTE. Our interpreting services include both one-on-one and large-group sessions. Our skilled linguists provide convenience and accuracy in 50+ languages, whether it’s pre-recorded video or a live session, to help you accomplish your goals.

We also match you with subject matter specialists with more experience translating information in your field. We aim for accuracy and expertise, and when it comes to professional interpretation, we only accept the finest.

Simultaneous interpretation entails the translator translating at the same time as the source speaker. There are no pauses in the dialogue. This form of interpretation is appropriate for situations in which hearing the original speaker’s voice or tone provides little value to the listeners or where the original speaker’s script is pre-written. This is typically used for simultaneous interpretation of many languages or for pre-scripted broadcasts.

Simultaneous interpretation is less popular than consecutive interpretation. At regular intervals, the speaker pauses to allow the interpreter to translate what has been stated. This style of interpretation is popular at events when the source and target languages are broadcast simultaneously or where the speaker does not have a script prepared in advance.

On-demand Interpretation-

On-demand interpretation is for you if you require interpretation services on a regular basis and require the interpreter’s availability to be flexible. You may incorporate our interpretation services into the platform of your choosing using our web and mobile apps. You can hire translators as and when you need them with this service. Two important reasons to choose on-demand interpretation as your chosen service are convenience and availability.

Remote Interpretation-

Our translator will be able to connect to any location in the world over the internet for activities that are not held in person. Our interpreter will adjust to your event’s format and tools to ensure that listeners are not inconvenienced and that the transition from the speaker to the translated language is seamless. Remote interpretations are easier to handle than on-site interpretations, and they can provide a high return on investment.

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