There are few languages more beautiful than Arabic, and its words are what make it such. More than 120,000 words are considered to make up the biggest Arabic dictionary, which is expected to have over one million terms.

In the beginning, this might seem like a huge and intimidating amount, but the good news is that you only need to know around 5% of the vocabulary in Arabic to be competent. When speaking Arabic fluently, it is necessary to know just the most often used terms.

With only a few hundred Arabic words under your belt, you’ll be able to decipher around half of what’s written there. Learn the most often used 1,000 words in Arabic, and you’ll be able to comprehend 75 percent of the text.

In addition, as you learn new words, your ability to deduce the meaning of up to 60 previously unknown terms improves. This implies that you can make educated guesses at up to 60,000 Arabic words even if you only know 1000 of them. Now it’s not that terrifying, is it?

Common Arabic Words

Let’s begin with the Arabic greeting “marhaban,” which means “hello.” This is an excellent approach to strike up a discussion with someone from Dubai since it is one of the most well-known Arabic terms. Some other common words are:

  • Good morning in Arabic is called sabaah il khayr
  • Ok in Arabic is called hasanan
  • Thank you in Arabic is called shukran
  • Excuse me in Arabic is called alma’thirah
  • You’re welcome in Arabic is called ‘ala arrahbwaisse’ah
  • Excuse me in Arabic is called alma’thirah
  • Sorry in Arabic is called ‘aasif
  • Goodbye in Arabic is called i’lla il liqaa’


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