If you aspire to work in Canada, you must be delighted to know that acquiring a job in Canada is super easy, provided you are well versed in foreign languages like French. Do you know that obtaining a job seeker visa is even easier? Don’t Worry, Cambridge Institute, Mumbai helps you to get all information of work permits for visa and passport applications process details in brief.

 Work permits:

Firstly, you need to sit for the IELTS language test for a Canada visa, and if you manage to score decently, your visa application process will be smooth and fast. Suppose you manage to get a Canadian work permit by getting high scores in IELTS and cracking the interview. In that case, you will enjoy a host of benefits in Canada, including permission to call your family members from Mumbai to live with you in Canada.

 Additional benefits of a Canadian work visa:

As Canada receives about 300,000 foreign employees every year, it a huge opportunity for students in Andheri, Kandivali, and Ghatkopar to make their lives better in the following ways:

  • Earning in dollars
  • Right to travel across Canada
  • Eligible to apply for PR visa
  • Can use for dependent visas

Eligibility criteria for Canada’s work Visa:

 Once your employer shortlists you based on your IELTS score, CV, and interview skills, you will be called to Canada. For this, you will have to apply for the work visa and ensure that you fall under this eligibility criterion.

  • Submit proof of your finances
  • Producing a personal record free of any criminal activities
  • Proof of good health
  • Show sufficient evidence to move out of Canada once your Visa expires

Apart from this, it is mandatory to submit documents like:

  • Academic qualification certificates
  • Payment receipt of the application fee
  • Passport with validity of at least six months, counting from the arrival day in Canada

As you can see, the application process for work visa permits in Canada is super easy. For starters, you must be affluent in French, and the Cambridge Institute, Mumbai, the best French Language Exam preparation in Mumbai, will assist you with this.