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Official French Proficiency Test ǀ DELF, TCF


French is known to have originated from the ancient language Latin. Apart from being the official language of France, French is one of the most widely spoken languages. It happens to be a very easy language to pick up, but the easiest things might turn out pretty challenging without proper guidance. The Cambridge Institute in Mumbai offers French Language classes at a reasonable amount to help you understand the language more fluently. The levels There are three primary levels that every person needs to pass to clear the French Proficiency Test. These levels are A, B, and C. Each of these levels has [...]

Official French Proficiency Test ǀ DELF, TCF2021-08-04T10:12:50+05:30

How to Score in Exams- Guidelines For Student


What is Band Score and how it scores in the exam? Band score is also called as the score obtained when a person has taken a test and it was higher than the expected one. As the score is not always accurate, it is very important to know what the band score is. The score can be used in many ways and it can also help a person get good results on his exam. The band score is often used by the school administration or the exam boards for grading students. There are many ways how the band score is [...]

How to Score in Exams- Guidelines For Student2020-10-22T12:18:02+05:30
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