Best IELTS Classes in Mumbai


IELTS is a test to judge English language skills. There is a proper procedure specially designed to calculate and analyze the ability of a student who understands the English language skills in several ways. Several best IELTS coaching centers in Mumbai are fully qualified and certified for calculating the IELTS band scores.

The Cambridge IELTS general training is given to the students in these centers with IELTS general reading materials. The main location for the IELTS classes is Mumbai. The procedure for calculating the IELTS band scores is somewhat like if the average of four major codes ended about 0.25, then the overall score will be rounded up to the next half band. Similarly, if it ends at about 0.75, then the score band will be rounded up to the next whole band, and this continues up till the end of putting bands until the overall score is rounded down.

 Section of IELTS test and their Band Score Calculation:

There are four major sections in this test which include both speaking and listening skills along with reading and writing skills. The listening test has four sections which mainly comprised of 40 questions having 30 minutes. Similarly, the speaking interview is about 15 minutes, which is generally used to judge a person’s speaking ability. There are different types of general training sections for the reading section, which involves three major sections having 40 questions that last for 60 minutes.

The writing part mainly comprises a different type of academic writings, and the time given for this writing section is 60 minutes. The overall reading skills are given to 6.5 points along with the writing skills given to five points. Similarly, the speaking skill is given to 7 points and listening to 6.5 points, which calculates up to 25 points, and these points are divided by 4 to calculate the overall band score.

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