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Quick Introduction to the Chinese Alphabet and Chinese Characters


The fact that Chinese is both one of the world's oldest languages and one of the most difficult to master makes it an interesting study in and of itself. Considering the vast amount of Chinese characters required to merely read a newspaper, even a rudimentary understanding of the language is an impressive accomplishment. However, there is no Chinese alphabet per se, thus these characters are not structured in a way that is familiar to Westerners learning a new language. Chinese, unlike most other languages, has no written alphabet. There are thousands upon thousands of Chinese characters, and they are the foundation [...]

Quick Introduction to the Chinese Alphabet and Chinese Characters2022-10-07T16:22:35+05:30

Benefits of Learning Chinese Language in Abroad


Do you know that Mandarin Chinese is one of the widely spoken languages of the world? There are plenty of other reasons to learn a foreign language like Chinese, for instance, a large spectrum of job opportunities. Why should you learn the Chinese language? While learning any foreign language has its perks, when you become fluent in Chinese, you will have the chance to interact with over 1 billion people. With the massive industrialization of China taking over the world, attending Chinese language classes in Mumbai will guarantee you a successful career. Even the Indian ministry of external affairs has suggested enthusiastically [...]

Benefits of Learning Chinese Language in Abroad2021-01-04T09:26:20+05:30
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