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Basic Korean Words You Need to Learn First


Did you know that by learning only the ten most frequent Korean terms, you can communicate in a functional manner with nearly half the Korean population? Yes, you've nailed it! About half of all written and spoken Korean is composed of only a handful of fundamental terms. Just make sure you're using the proper terminology. This essay will explain why you need a list of frequently used Korean terms compiled using the word-frequency approach. South Korea, North Korea, and the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in China all recognize Korean, or Hangugeo, as their official language. If you want to learn Korean [...]

Basic Korean Words You Need to Learn First2022-10-07T17:11:23+05:30

India vs South Korea Study System


The South Korean system of public education is divided into 3 parts. They emphasize the global citizenry as well as learning about the community. Below, we will be looking at India vs South Korea study system. India vs South Korean system of education: Indian system of education- Foundation stage This includes preschool of three years and primary classes of two years. Preparatory stage It will include three years of numeracy and language development skills. Middle stage This will involve critical learning of mathematics, arts, sciences, and humanities. Secondary stage At this stage, children get the opportunity to develop their skills and [...]

India vs South Korea Study System2021-12-23T19:25:39+05:30

8 Simple Steps That Will Improve Your Korean Language Skills Forever


When you start learning Korean, it can seem to be difficult at first. This is why you may feel frustrated when you find yourself struggling and not making progress. However, we have listed below 8 simple steps that will improve your Korean language skills forever. 8 simple steps that will improve your Korean language skills: Making Korean friends When you have partners who can engage with you in a Korean conversation, you can develop your learning skills. You can connect with some native speakers online who can help with your Korean. Even having 5 minutes chats can improve your verbal communication [...]

8 Simple Steps That Will Improve Your Korean Language Skills Forever2021-12-23T19:29:09+05:30
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