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Common European Framework of Reference of Languages, commonly known as CERF, is a standard established by the European Council to indicate a particular European Language proficiency. For years several guidelines and definitions of mastery have been chalked down for the convenience of more straightforward assessment.

French has been 

A1: This is one of the foundation levels of French;

A student at this level is exposed to the basics of the French language. You will see an A1 student casually introducing themselves, asking questions about family, weather, school, and wanting to go to Paris. Communication at such a level is slow, clear, and very basic.

A2:  This level is an upgrade of the A1 level;

A deeper understanding of beginner’s topics is considered. A student can grasp more common expressions, get acquainted with french traditions and culture, engage and communicate immediate needs.

B1:  This is an intermediate level of French;

Usually, students at this stage start recognizing points and can communicate effectively. You are now able to take a stroll around Paris, write messages, and share with your French colleagues or friends, and describe your dreams, goals, ambitions in better words.

B2:  B2 stands for “Upper-Intermediate level” in the French language.

Before you learned how to order a Baguette, you will now know how they are made and brought to the table. You will learn how to convey abstract ideas, express an opinion freely, talk about current affairs, etc. The speed and knowledge gained will help you speak with native speakers without any hesitation or worry.

C1: C1 is close to being a Francophone!

This level helps you bifurcate complex texts, understand different nuances, and use the language in multiple settings. It also allows you to speak effectively and correctly structures your arguments.

C2: You are a certified Francophone!

This level brushes up your fluency and helps you to read, write, listen and communicate effectively. Spontaneous responses and convening the meaning of things is a primary goal taken under this level.

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