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The Complete French Language Examinations List


A proficiency test is necessary for the language you are newly acquainted with. The type of the examination would depend upon the purpose of your French language completion certificate. We have listed down the French language examinations to ease your process. Why should you give French Language exams? There are several pros associated with learning the French language- A test would help you to demonstrate your caliber in a new language. It is extremely beneficial for studying abroad, especially where French is the official language. Employers prefer multilingual candidates who can represent them on an international platform. French language examinations:- Le [...]

The Complete French Language Examinations List2022-08-25T12:03:30+05:30

French For Travelers – phrases and words you must know


French For Travelers - phrases and words you must know If you plan to travel to a foreign country, you must know their common phrases or words. You might land up in a situation where the natives don’t speak English; therefore, knowing a few common French phrases is necessary. In this article, we have listed some words and phrases which the French people often use. Common phrases “Parlez-vousanglais?” This means “Do you speak English?”. Some natives do speak English. However, it would be best if you respectfully approached them. Asking them whether they can speak English in their native language would [...]

French For Travelers – phrases and words you must know2022-07-19T17:36:58+05:30

How to prepare for DELF B2 Efficiently?


It is indeed very difficult to pass certain examinations with a good score in an extremely competitive world. Hence, it is important to prepare efficiently from beforehand in order to score well and ace the exam. Nowadays, numerous candidates are applying for studying abroad and preparing for the requirements thoroughly. If you are interested in studying in France, then getting the B2 level in French is necessary. Hence, it is extremely important to prepare for the DELF B3 exam efficiently. This is how you can do so: Plan and implement in advance : Planning is an essential task, which also requires [...]

How to prepare for DELF B2 Efficiently?2021-09-14T15:21:41+05:30

CEFR: What Are the Different Levels of French Language


    Common European Framework of Reference of Languages, commonly known as CERF, is a standard established by the European Council to indicate a particular European Language proficiency. For years several guidelines and definitions of mastery have been chalked down for the convenience of more straightforward assessment. French has been  A1: This is one of the foundation levels of French; A student at this level is exposed to the basics of the French language. You will see an A1 student casually introducing themselves, asking questions about family, weather, school, and wanting to go to Paris. Communication at such a level is slow, [...]

CEFR: What Are the Different Levels of French Language2021-05-06T11:00:08+05:30

Language Equivalency Charts – Immigration to Canada


Most of the people these days are willing to go to Canada. It is very important to know the basic French language to get a visa to Canada and sustain in Canada. No need to worry about the Canada visa as the Cambridge institute in Mumbai provides the courses for a language test for a Canada visa.  There are many tests you need to prepare, like TEF, TCF, CELPIP, DELF, and IELTS for Canadian immigration. Many of the people aspiring to go to Canada for the purpose of studies or jobs fail to get a Canadian visa due to less knowledge of the Canadian [...]

Language Equivalency Charts – Immigration to Canada2021-01-12T09:22:47+05:30

Benefits of TEF Canada – French CRS points


As we all know that in today’s competitive world it is very important for the people aspiring to grow in their career to migrate to other countries where they would find better opportunities to grow in their career. Most of the people try to go to foreign countries like Canada. In order to sanction the visa for Canada, it is very important for the people to clear the TEF Canada language test. But, talking about a country like India, where you will rarely find French-speaking people. This is why most people fail to appear for the TEF test and fail to get [...]

Benefits of TEF Canada – French CRS points2021-01-04T09:27:23+05:30
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