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Top 12 Reasons to Learn Korean in India


One of the most popular countries in Asia, South Korea is a beautiful country with a rich and versatile culture. This article explains the majority of the benefits of learning Korean in India. Business Opportunities: If you have business plans in Korea or any other part of the world, learning Korean will give you an upper hand over your competitors and increase your profitability. Learn Easily: Hindi speakers can learn Korean very easily because both languages share the same Indo-European roots and have borrowed many words from each other. Explore culture: Learning Korean will help you know about their culture better [...]

Top 12 Reasons to Learn Korean in India2021-12-28T17:09:49+05:30

India vs South Korea Study System


The South Korean system of public education is divided into 3 parts. They emphasize the global citizenry as well as learning about the community. Below, we will be looking at India vs South Korea study system. India vs South Korean system of education: Indian system of education- Foundation stage This includes preschool of three years and primary classes of two years. Preparatory stage It will include three years of numeracy and language development skills. Middle stage This will involve critical learning of mathematics, arts, sciences, and humanities. Secondary stage At this stage, children get the opportunity to develop their skills and [...]

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8 Simple Steps That Will Improve Your Korean Language Skills Forever


When you start learning Korean, it can seem to be difficult at first. This is why you may feel frustrated when you find yourself struggling and not making progress. However, we have listed below 8 simple steps that will improve your Korean language skills forever. 8 simple steps that will improve your Korean language skills: Making Korean friends When you have partners who can engage with you in a Korean conversation, you can develop your learning skills. You can connect with some native speakers online who can help with your Korean. Even having 5 minutes chats can improve your verbal communication [...]

8 Simple Steps That Will Improve Your Korean Language Skills Forever2021-12-23T19:29:09+05:30

Korean Language Classes Online in Mumbai


    The Korean Language has ancient Chinese roots that date back to near 1000 years. In recent times, the popularity of Korean music, the urge to learn this language has also increased. This language is said to be one of the toughest languages to pick up. But if you enroll yourself for the Korean Language classes at Cambridge Institute, Mumbai. Learning can be not only quick and efficient, but also fun and pocket-friendly. Travelling can be a real burden during this pandemic, but availing of classes at Cambridge can relieve you of this stress. They are offering online lessons to help the [...]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Korean Language


There are many reasons why people want to learn Korean. People who want to travel to Korea and other countries would certainly benefit from learning this language. They will be able to communicate with native Korean speakers, and in many cases will be able to communicate with native speakers of a second language, which is a great bonus. Of course, the most important reason is for business travelers who need to travel frequently to countries that are far away from their own country. Cambridge Institute gives brief information on Why the Korean Language is Important. Let's Get into the detailed [...]

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