TEF Canada exam prepartion institute in Mumbai

To make an intelligent decision on whether you should move to Canada or fly to Vancouver, you need to know exactly how hard it is to get a work permit when you’re from another country. The TEF Canada test is a test you will probably have no choice but to take if you want to immigrate to Canada. The length and difficulty of the TEF Canada test are discussed in this article.

Is TEF Canada hard?

The test is not difficult, but you have to give it your best. If you’re in a rush and don’t get answers to all the questions, you may want to re-take it. There are lots of practice tests available on the web and in print.

The TESL Canada exam has a certain level requirement that ensures it is effective and useful for you (you should meet level 7). That’s why you should already have a certain level of English when you take the exam. The writing and reading comprehension is not hard because it’s multiple-choice, but the dictation part is a bit more difficult to get a good score on.

The following tips will help you succeed at TEF Canada:

  • Read each question thoroughly and choose the best answer from those offered.
  • Be careful when choosing between words that sound similar – for example, ‘your’ (which means ‘belonging to you’) and ‘you’re’ (‘you are’).
  • Choose the best answer from among those offered.
  • Use a strategy for each section – for example, in the reading section, read every sentence before answering; write what you know well in the writing section.


The TEF Canada is not difficult for immigration, although it can be longer depending on your choice process. For more info, contact Cambridge Institute at Andheri Mumbai.