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Cambridge Institute of Foreign Language Classes provides Spoken English language classes in Mumbai and basic English courses in Mumbai. They offer other different courses as well and follow the general rules and regulations. They have been in the education industry for over 13 years now and comprise of the best teachers and professionals.

 How to improve speaking skills?

The best way to improve your English-speaking skills is to listen to English songs and singing them. Try both English and American accents as well. You might as well watch many English movies and try to concentrate on the way they speak. Repeat it after them or speak in English after completing the movie. You’ll notice the difference.

Keep practicing this every day. Watch and sing and repeat to only English songs and after a certain point, when you are fairly certain, start recording your voice. This is when you will notice the points you are making mistakes and speaking them in your mother tongue accent.

You need to first have good proficiency in the English language and then start to enunciate with the English accent. Only after a good grip of the language will you able to speak in a different accent, other than your mother tongue. If you keep practicing the language while listening to English language movies and songs, you will be able to change your accent.

To get a good proficiency in the English language, take professional training at any English coaching classes in Mumbai. Cambridge Institute of Foreign Language Classes provides the best English classes in Mumbai.

Additionally, the classes shall help you in professing the language in reading, writing, and speaking with accents! Enroll yourself in our International Language Classes in Mumbai and get trained by the best professionals in the country!

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