english language course in mumbai

The English language happens to be one of the most spoken languages in the world. This language is considered unique because it is the happiest language in the world. The English language was introduced to the Indian culture with colonialism by the British. Years after the British had left the country, English continued to be used as a language and soon became the second official language. If you want to learn this language, then you can enrol in the International Language classes in Mumbai. The English Language classes in Mumbai come at a very reasonable price. This Institution provides the best English classes in Mumbai.

 10 reasons to learn English:

  1. English is the universal language of communication, and not knowing it can hinder effective interaction.
  2. The English will help you discover the culture of that country.
  3. English will help you get a better job since most of the firms look for employees who are fluent in this language.
  4. It will help you get a good job abroad.
  5. English has the richest collection of literary novels and plays. Knowing this language will help you read these literary works and conduct research.
  6. If you are planning to join the tourism and travel industry, it is mandatory to learn English since you will have to interact with several foreigners.
  7. While traveling to foreign countries, this language can come in handy since you might have to communicate with locals who might not know your mother tongue.
  8. The language used in Google is English primarily. Even though Google has a translator, but a major portion of the information is in English, and not knowing this language might hinder the efficient use of this platform.
  9. If you want to be well educated, it is important to know this language as most of the lectures in the universities abroad uses English as the primary language of teaching.
  10. If not anything, knowing a new language can help you build your confidence and help you boost your CV.


The Cambridge institute provides English coaching classes in Mumbai, which can help you get a good grasp of the language. They also have a basic English language course in Mumbai, online, which you can avail of from your own city. They take utmost care of their students, and you will have no regrets after the course.