Spanish, the 2nd most spoken language globally, is a widely popular language that interests many people with different cultures who turn to learn it.

Spanish is the official language of 18 countries and 2nd most spoken in the United States of America.

Spanish has quite noticeable variations from where it is spoken as if we compare the spoken Spanish of Spain to that of Latin America. The widely spoken variant of Spanish is Mexican Spanish, in which more than 20% of people speak Spanish.

It is a language that binds and connects people worldwide and helps diversify different cultures.



Spanish has been considered a romantic language of the Indo-European family that evolved from colloquial spoken Latin in the Iberian Peninsula.

It evolved from the Vulgar Latin and was later brought by the Romans during the Punic War II in early 210 BC.

The Spanish language spoken today is subtly derived from the spoken Latin dialect. It expanded overseas in the early modern period when many revolutions and globalisations occurred.

People moved around and diversified the places with a language that everybody now calls Spanish.

And so, the varieties of Spanish were influenced by Amerindian languages that came from the Caribbean, Mesoamerican, and the Central Andean regions.


The language and its originality signify the culture of Spain that is very much influenced by the culture of ancient Rome.

Spain was a historic part of Greco-Roman, so the culture reflects many aspects of the country that have their roots in Romans. In the interests of religion and language, Romans left their mark on Spanish culture.

Final words

Spanish is a language of great importance in today’s world. That can be made out because it is an official language of many global organizations, including the United Nations.

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