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Spanish Language | Overview, History and Culture


Overview Spanish, the 2nd most spoken language globally, is a widely popular language that interests many people with different cultures who turn to learn it. Spanish is the official language of 18 countries and 2nd most spoken in the United States of America. Spanish has quite noticeable variations from where it is spoken as if we compare the spoken Spanish of Spain to that of Latin America. The widely spoken variant of Spanish is Mexican Spanish, in which more than 20% of people speak Spanish. It is a language that binds and connects people worldwide and helps diversify different cultures.   [...]

Spanish Language | Overview, History and Culture2022-05-20T11:06:07+05:30

10 Reasons To Learn A Foreign Language!


        Are you thinking of learning a foreign language but unaware of its benefits? In this post, we'll be exploring the top 10 reasons to learn a foreign language & how knowing a second language can improve your life and career! Learn about different cultures: The best way to learn about another culture is through their language. The nation's history can get found in its words and phrases. Travel: Those who speak multiple languages have many more travel options. You can visit countries without any language barrier. Enhanced problem-solving strategies: Another benefit of learning a new language is [...]

10 Reasons To Learn A Foreign Language!2022-04-13T18:50:19+05:30

7 Most Difficult Languages To Learn in The World


  When we learn a new language, we open new avenues for ourselves. It is especially true when we are learning a foreign language. But have you ever thought about which are the most difficult languages to learn in the world? Let us have a look. 7 most difficult languages to learn in the world:- Japanese Japanese has over 125 million speakers all over the world. It is difficult to learn because of its complex three writing styles. These are Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana. It also comes with a contextual format. Korean The Korean language has around 75 million speakers in [...]

7 Most Difficult Languages To Learn in The World2022-03-30T18:50:49+05:30

How Foreign Language can Boost Your Brain


To know a few languages beyond one’s own Mother Tongue can always be a useful asset because it will help you have stronger communication. In addition, learning foreign languages can boost the cognitive function of the brain and increase concentration. If nothing at all, learning a foreign language can be a fun and enriching experience for any individual. If you are looking for a good place to learn a foreign language, you can enroll yourself at the Cambridge Institute in Mumbai. They have remarkable facilities and a highly competent faculty who will guide you effortlessly through the course. Does learning a [...]

How Foreign Language can Boost Your Brain2021-09-14T15:18:47+05:30

How to Score in Exams- Guidelines For Student


What is Band Score and how it scores in the exam? Band score is also called as the score obtained when a person has taken a test and it was higher than the expected one. As the score is not always accurate, it is very important to know what the band score is. The score can be used in many ways and it can also help a person get good results on his exam. The band score is often used by the school administration or the exam boards for grading students. There are many ways how the band score is [...]

How to Score in Exams- Guidelines For Student2020-10-22T12:18:02+05:30
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