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The Best Way to Learn French and Boost Your Career


  Do you desire to communicate in French confidently? If so, you have come to the correct place. This article will show you how to learn French very easily and fast way. Take a class Taking a French class is an effective way of learning the language quickly. This is because you will get the opportunity to interact with other people who are also learning French, which means that you can compare notes with them if you have a problem understanding something. Learn French with music Learning with music is one of the most fun and entertaining ways to learn French [...]

The Best Way to Learn French and Boost Your Career2022-04-14T10:39:59+05:30

Official French Proficiency Test ǀ DELF, TCF


French is known to have originated from the ancient language Latin. Apart from being the official language of France, French is one of the most widely spoken languages. It happens to be a very easy language to pick up, but the easiest things might turn out pretty challenging without proper guidance. The Cambridge Institute in Mumbai offers French Language classes at a reasonable amount to help you understand the language more fluently. The levels There are three primary levels that every person needs to pass to clear the French Proficiency Test. These levels are A, B, and C. Each of these levels has [...]

Official French Proficiency Test ǀ DELF, TCF2021-08-04T10:12:50+05:30

The TEF Exam: French Proficiency and Express Entry


TEF test is an internationally acclaimed examination to judge the level of proficiency in French. One needs to have professional knowledge in French to study in France. Why opting for TEF: Individuals who want to complete higher studies or want to get hired in Canada need to qualify for the English exam for a Canada visa. But besides English, students also need to qualify for TEF. This test is necessary because It helps to get easy admission to colleges in France. This test makes it easy to obtain French nationality. You can obtain a French resident card after qualifying for French Language Exams [...]

The TEF Exam: French Proficiency and Express Entry2021-01-28T13:52:52+05:30

Importance of Personality Development


Apart from decent academic scores and skills, personality development is also essential for students and professionals. Contrary to popular opinion, personality development is not only confined to your physical attributes. You are said to have an outstanding personality when you have great communication skills and win over everyone with your behavior and character. Cambridge Institute provides you training and courses on all these Communication Skills and Personality Development. There is no substitute for personality development if you are aspiring for a successful career in your life. Some of the benefits of personality development include: Mentally grooms: No one should blindly follow [...]

Importance of Personality Development2020-11-30T10:43:35+05:30

Canada Job Seeker Visa – Ultimate Guide for Foreign Job Seekers


If you aspire to work in Canada, you must be delighted to know that acquiring a job in Canada is super easy, provided you are well versed in foreign languages like French. Do you know that obtaining a job seeker visa is even easier? Don’t Worry, Cambridge Institute, Mumbai helps you to get all information of work permits for visa and passport applications process details in brief.  Work permits: Firstly, you need to sit for the IELTS language test for a Canada visa, and if you manage to score decently, your visa application process will be smooth and fast. Suppose you [...]

Canada Job Seeker Visa – Ultimate Guide for Foreign Job Seekers2020-11-24T06:09:32+05:30

Benefits of Learning French Language to Get Opportunity in Canada.


French is the second official language of Canada, thus knowledge of this language is useful in studies furthermore as communication with the locals there. However, French is the first language of concerning 7.2 million Canadians. That’s concerning 20 % of the population (compared with the 56% who speak English, per the 2016 Census). It might be a plus for you, socially and professionally, to learn at least basic French. THE FRENCH LANGUAGE GIVE ADDITIONAL POINTS FOR PR IN CANADA. As you would for sure recognize by currently, language proficiency in English or French could be a very important criterion to [...]

Benefits of Learning French Language to Get Opportunity in Canada.2020-09-25T14:03:46+05:30
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