TEF test is an internationally acclaimed examination to judge the level of proficiency in French. One needs to have professional knowledge in French to study in France.

Why opting for TEF:

Individuals who want to complete higher studies or want to get hired in Canada need to qualify for the English exam for a Canada visa. But besides English, students also need to qualify for TEF. This test is necessary because

  • It helps to get easy admission to colleges in France.
  • This test makes it easy to obtain French nationality.

You can obtain a French resident card after qualifying for French Language Exams in Mumbai.

Is TEF tough to get Canadian immigration?

This test will judge your proficiency in the French language. This test will help you to understand the areas of development in the French language. You may feel this language test for a Canada visa tough, but by qualifying for this exam, you can easily immigrate to Canada.

How to get registered for this examination? 

Once you feel like sitting for the TEF examination, you need to know the session date and time. You can join French language classes in Mumbai to get more information about the time.

The training centers will let you know the benefits of studying French. You will also come to know when you need to get registered and the time of examination. Students need to keep ready the documents mentioned below-

  • Keep ready any official ID card as proof of identity. You can submit a Passport, Driving License, etc.
  • The training center will take your photograph on the day of examination. Otherwise, you have to fill up a form for photo identification.
  • You will also need to fill-up the form mentioning your personal information. The training center will discuss the points required for Canada pr.


Hence, students can comprehend the importance of the TEF examination and the way it gets conducted. Thus Cambridge Institute, Mumbai will guide you with the best preparation for TEF Exam for students who are willing to give TEF Exam.