As we all know that in today’s competitive world it is very important for the people aspiring to grow in their career to migrate to other countries where they would find better opportunities to grow in their career. Most of the people try to go to foreign countries like Canada.

In order to sanction the visa for Canada, it is very important for the people to clear the TEF Canada language test. But, talking about a country like India, where you will rarely find French-speaking people. This is why most people fail to appear for the TEF test and fail to get a Canadian visa.

But no need to worry! These days the Cambridge Institute offers French-speaking classes in Mumbai, which prepares you for all the French language exams in Mumbai.

Despite the French language being an important language to get a visa to Canada, there are many benefits to studying French. So, let us look at some advantages of speaking French and the benefits of the TEF Canada exam.

  1. Globally spoken language

French is the second language spoken globally after English.300 million people, and more people speak French in five continents. Hence, if you learn the French language, you will be able to sustain it anywhere in the world.

  1. Jobs in foreign countries

Most of the companies in French-speaking countries hire employees globally who are able to speak and understand the French language. Hence learning to prepare for the TEF exam and learning French will make you eligible for international jobs.

  1. French institutes and business schools

If you are a student and aspiring for higher studies in foreign countries like Canada, the Canadian technical and business institutes are the best. Where you would get exposure to learn the subject in which you are interested in a global scale.

  1. Helps business development

If you own a business and are willing to globalize your business, then learning the French language will be definitely beneficial for you as stated earlier that most people speak French from all over the world. Hence, by learning the French language, you would be able to deal with foreign clients very easily.

  1. Provides exposure towards the French novels, plays, and movies

Speaking about entertainment most of the French novels, plays and movies are very interesting, and you can only understand these if you know the language.


Learning the French language and preparing for the TEF test will be beneficial for you. In Mumbai, Cambridge institute, you can get the French language and TEF test training where the professionals train the students to learn the French language and help them clear the TEF exam.