Language makes human communication a piece of cake. So far, there are more than 7000 languages spoken in the world. The knowledge of foreign languages helps people in career growth, connecting with other people, etc. It also broadens your view about a particular community and its culture. Because of all these reasons, both young and adults are encouraged to learn new languages.


Some of the world’s most spoken languages are Chinese, Spanish, English, French, and many others. Around 275 million people of the world speak French, and to get citizenship in some countries, you need to have a good command of this language. In countries like France, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, and Monaco, you can’t survive without good proficiency in the French language. Since the year 2002, for immigration, passing the TEF or Test d’Évaluation de Français pour le Canada has become very important.


The TEF Canada Exam Structure-


The test can be divided into four parts- listening, reading, writing, and last but not least, speaking. The listening part is of only 40 minutes. Whereas the round of reading comprehension and writing give you an hour for each. Finally, the test demands you to speak for 20 minutes. To clear the exam, you have to get a decent score in each of the rounds. TEF points required for Canada pr is around 1100. At least a 310 is required in speaking and writing each. For skill level 0 or A, you will require a minimum of 249 and 207 in listening and reading, respectively.


If you want to prepare for a language test for a Canada visa, you should enroll yourself in French language classes in Mumbai. There are many institutes in the Andheri, Kandivali, and Ghatkopar region of Mumbai.

The Cambridge Institute is quite popular in Mumbai, and this institute takes around 18800 rupees for TEF Canada exam preparation. They will help you with the English exam for Canada visa and other visa exams. So, contact the best language institute – Cambridge Institute, Mumbai, and keep learning new languages.