Are you recently acquainted with the Spanish language? Then you must have come across the terms DELF and SIELE. The diplomas for Spanish learning courses are known as DELF, whereas SIELE serves as the International Spanish Language Evaluation Service. You might be confused about which exam you should opt for; well, here’s all the information regarding DELE and SIELE that would help you choose the right one!

10 Most important differences

  1. Who is in control of the examination? 

An NGO conducts DELE named The Cervantes Institute. It is performed on behalf of the Spanish Government and adheres to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language standards.

SIELE exam is certified by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the University of Buenos Aires, The Instituto Cervantes and the University of Salamanca.

  1. Validity

While SIELE certification is only valid for 5 years, DELE would give you a lifelong validity, i.e., indefinitely.

  1. Exams and levels

DELE comprises six exams for adults, A1-C2 and school-level candidates; there are two exams, i.e., A1-A2/B1.

SIELE includes only one exam for adults: assignments ranging from A1-C1.

  1. Locations

DELE is conducted in 100 countries, 5 continents and over 1000 examination centres.

SIELE has 700 centres across the globe; however, the numbers are continuously increasing.

  1. Dates

In India, for DELE, you are offered to choose any date between four dates a year. They usually conduct their exams in November, April, July and May.

SIELE conducts an exam every month; therefore, you can choose a date according to the centre closest to your location.

  1. Procedure

Since the DELE exam centres are limited worldwide and come with fixed dates, you might face inconvenience.

SIELE exams are extremely easy to give since you can opt for online exams and choose your nearest centre for the exam.

  1. Graduation

SIELE exams are fail-proof, so you have nothing to lose, whereas, to get DELE certification, you need to qualify for each level.

  1. Which one is preferred commonly?

Several international universities and organisations recognise DELE. SIELE is comparatively new and, therefore, is not accepted by some institutes.

  1. Result duration

SIELE exam results take around three weeks, whereas DELE results are showcased about three months after the exam.

  1. Origination

DELE traces back its roots to 1989, whereas SIELE was formed in 2016.

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