Best Institute to learn Spanish in Mumbai

The third most spoken language in the world, Spanish, is spoken by more than 500 people across the world. Learning Spanish will provide you with vast opportunities for your future career.

What is DELE?

DELE is an abbreviated form of Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera, which means Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language. This examination checks your efficiency in the Spanish language. The test is divided into four parts, namely listening, writing, reading, and speaking.

Levels of DELE examination

  • A1

This is for starters or beginners. Students need to know the basic expressions, vocabularies, etc., that are needed in everyday life or an emergency.

  • A2

This is purposed for elementary learners. Learners of this level are expected to know sufficient Spanish required in a person’s daily routine or during an interaction at a public sphere, e.g. market, grocery, mall, office, etc.

  • B1

This is meant for the intermediary learners. They are expected to decipher uncomplicated texts and understand them without any difficulty.

  • B2

This is for the upper-intermediates. Learners are expected to converse fluently with the native Spanish speakers and also be able to read common texts.

  • C1

This is meant for advanced learners. This qualification validates for learners with sufficient capacity to engage in debate, arguments and put forth their thoughts and opinions.

  • C2

This is the extreme level or most advanced. Learners are expected to adapt to any situation and showcase their efficiency in the Spanish language. They should also include sufficient knowledge about the customs and traditions associated with the language.

How can you prepare for DELE?

Cambridge Institute, Mumbai, provides you with online as well as offline classes for the Spanish Proficiency test. They very efficiently prepare you for the certification from Goethe Institute. Enroll in Cambridge Institute, Mumbai, and be assured of achieving your destination with flying colours.