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10 reasons why you should learn to speak English


The English language happens to be one of the most spoken languages in the world. This language is considered unique because it is the happiest language in the world. The English language was introduced to the Indian culture with colonialism by the British. Years after the British had left the country, English continued to be used as a language and soon became the second official language. If you want to learn this language, then you can enrol in the International Language classes in Mumbai. The English Language classes in Mumbai come at a very reasonable price. This Institution provides the best English classes in Mumbai. [...]

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Remove Mother Tongue Influence While Talking English


  Cambridge Institute of Foreign Language Classes provides Spoken English language classes in Mumbai and basic English courses in Mumbai. They offer other different courses as well and follow the general rules and regulations. They have been in the education industry for over 13 years now and comprise of the best teachers and professionals.  How to improve speaking skills? The best way to improve your English-speaking skills is to listen to English songs and singing them. Try both English and American accents as well. You might as well watch many English movies and try to concentrate on the way they speak. Repeat it after [...]

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Canada Job Seeker Visa – Ultimate Guide for Foreign Job Seekers


If you aspire to work in Canada, you must be delighted to know that acquiring a job in Canada is super easy, provided you are well versed in foreign languages like French. Do you know that obtaining a job seeker visa is even easier? Don’t Worry, Cambridge Institute, Mumbai helps you to get all information of work permits for visa and passport applications process details in brief.  Work permits: Firstly, you need to sit for the IELTS language test for a Canada visa, and if you manage to score decently, your visa application process will be smooth and fast. Suppose you [...]

Canada Job Seeker Visa – Ultimate Guide for Foreign Job Seekers2020-11-24T06:09:32+05:30
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