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Tips to Start Learning a New Language


With the expansion of global communication, it is easy to see why learning a new language would be beneficial. Learning a foreign language can open up many doors, both professionally and personally. Here is a blog about how you can learn the basics of a new language in which we take a look at some of the best advice and tips on how to learn a language to help you along your learning journey. Develop a plan to improve your language skills The process of learning is facilitated in numerous ways by setting objectives. Enhancing factors include drive, respect, and assurance. [...]

Tips to Start Learning a New Language2023-03-09T17:56:33+05:30

Spanish Language | Overview, History and Culture


Overview Spanish, the 2nd most spoken language globally, is a widely popular language that interests many people with different cultures who turn to learn it. Spanish is the official language of 18 countries and 2nd most spoken in the United States of America. Spanish has quite noticeable variations from where it is spoken as if we compare the spoken Spanish of Spain to that of Latin America. The widely spoken variant of Spanish is Mexican Spanish, in which more than 20% of people speak Spanish. It is a language that binds and connects people worldwide and helps diversify different cultures.   [...]

Spanish Language | Overview, History and Culture2022-05-20T11:06:07+05:30

7 Most Difficult Languages To Learn in The World


  When we learn a new language, we open new avenues for ourselves. It is especially true when we are learning a foreign language. But have you ever thought about which are the most difficult languages to learn in the world? Let us have a look. 7 most difficult languages to learn in the world:- Japanese Japanese has over 125 million speakers all over the world. It is difficult to learn because of its complex three writing styles. These are Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana. It also comes with a contextual format. Korean The Korean language has around 75 million speakers in [...]

7 Most Difficult Languages To Learn in The World2022-03-30T18:50:49+05:30

Amazing Reasons to Learn Russian Language in India


When learning a language, one always looks for reasons to learn it. So here are some great reasons to learn the Russian language in India. There are many other reasons to learn the Russian language in India, such as the rich history, unique alphabet, and beautiful culture. The Indians are very fond of music, dancing, singing, and philosophy. Russian culture provides them with plenty of these things! You can get a good job by learning the Russian language. Many companies require candidates to know the Russian language to be able to work there. You can work at embassies or government organizations [...]

Amazing Reasons to Learn Russian Language in India2021-12-28T14:33:45+05:30

India vs South Korea Study System


The South Korean system of public education is divided into 3 parts. They emphasize the global citizenry as well as learning about the community. Below, we will be looking at India vs South Korea study system. India vs South Korean system of education: Indian system of education- Foundation stage This includes preschool of three years and primary classes of two years. Preparatory stage It will include three years of numeracy and language development skills. Middle stage This will involve critical learning of mathematics, arts, sciences, and humanities. Secondary stage At this stage, children get the opportunity to develop their skills and [...]

India vs South Korea Study System2021-12-23T19:25:39+05:30

8 Simple Steps That Will Improve Your Korean Language Skills Forever


When you start learning Korean, it can seem to be difficult at first. This is why you may feel frustrated when you find yourself struggling and not making progress. However, we have listed below 8 simple steps that will improve your Korean language skills forever. 8 simple steps that will improve your Korean language skills: Making Korean friends When you have partners who can engage with you in a Korean conversation, you can develop your learning skills. You can connect with some native speakers online who can help with your Korean. Even having 5 minutes chats can improve your verbal communication [...]

8 Simple Steps That Will Improve Your Korean Language Skills Forever2021-12-23T19:29:09+05:30

Remove Mother Tongue Influence While Talking English


  Cambridge Institute of Foreign Language Classes provides Spoken English language classes in Mumbai and basic English courses in Mumbai. They offer other different courses as well and follow the general rules and regulations. They have been in the education industry for over 13 years now and comprise of the best teachers and professionals.  How to improve speaking skills? The best way to improve your English-speaking skills is to listen to English songs and singing them. Try both English and American accents as well. You might as well watch many English movies and try to concentrate on the way they speak. Repeat it after [...]

Remove Mother Tongue Influence While Talking English2021-05-19T09:40:15+05:30

Advanced English-Speaking Institute in Mumbai- Cambridge Institute


  The Cambridge Institute is one of the leading institutes that offer International language classes in Mumbai and interpretation services. This institute has been in the race for 13 long years and has adopted methods to perfect itself. They provide the best English classes in Mumbai at a very reasonable amount. The institute has a strong faculty who can guide you without any difficulty through the courses. They are one of the best institutes for foreign languages and will not give you scope for complaint.  Reasons to Join the Cambridge Institute: This institute offers writing, reading and speaking courses for 6 different languages. They also [...]

Advanced English-Speaking Institute in Mumbai- Cambridge Institute2021-05-12T09:43:21+05:30

Career Benefits of IELTS Exam


IELTS is a globally recognized and accepted English standardized test. By appearing for the IELTS test, you are not only preparing for an English test but a gateway of endless opportunities and possibilities lying ahead of you. IELTS recognizes your English language ability:  English is a global language; it is widely spoken among different countries and in business settings. By appearing and testing your English knowledge by IELTS, you are recognized by major institutions, international companies, universities, global bodies, etc. Developing your English skills: Learning English is a skill, and IELTS assesses your skills. As IELTS tests you on four essential [...]

Career Benefits of IELTS Exam2021-03-31T05:56:22+05:30

What Are the Benefits and Scope of The IELTS Exam


    IELTS is known as one of the most popular English courses. Its popularity in India is increasing day by day. Several Cambridge IELTS general training centers are available in Mumbai, having the best and acknowledged. If you are searching for the best IELTS coaching in Mumbai, then several academies are certified for academic and general training versions of this test. The IELTS classes in Mumbai have certified trainers having years of experience.  The Benefits and Scope of The IELTS Exam:  There are several benefits of taking the IELTS exam, and some of the major advantages are given below:  This test is specially designed [...]

What Are the Benefits and Scope of The IELTS Exam2021-02-23T10:57:14+05:30
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